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Drew Anthony Fasolini

Drew Fasolini is the Founder and Director of Parent & Athlete. Drew has spent over 15 years in the Education and Youth Sports industry and has dedicated most of his time to giving back and helping others. As a Teacher and advocate for children with special needs, he understands how children grow and learn and values what education has to offer. Along with the time spent as a Teacher, Drew has also worked as a high school Coach and program coordinator for many sports, primarily high school football. He has helped many talented teams and  athletes accomplish their academic and athletic goals. With his experience and knowledge in education and sports, Drew also has a passion for business, and enjoys finding solutions that helps bring others together to achieve positive growth and exposure. 

More about our Director:

-15 years experience in the Education, Coaching, and Sports 

-Masters degree in Education & Special Education 

-Bachelors Degree in Business 

-Won 2 CIF High School Football Championships as a Coach

-Received award from City Council of Calabasas for, “Outstanding Leadership Through Coaching"

-Has helped over 100+ high school student athlete collegiate scholarships and playing opportunities  

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