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Parent & Athlete academic service's are tailored to fit the needs of every client we partner with. We believe that the focus should be identifying our client's strengths and motivations, and applying them to improve the ways in which they learn, grow, and adapt. Our mission is to provide advice, educational supports, and appropriate resources that fit the needs of the student, instead of the student fitting in.

General Services: 

  • Essay Writing Assistants

  • Academic Assessments (Reading, Writing, Math) 

  • Credit Recovery Assistants

  • Develop a Personalized Education plan 

  • Reading Strategies and Intervention

  • One on One Online Education Support

  • SAT/ACT Prep

  • Tutor Services

    • general study / math / english / science / social studies / business / economics / health 

Guided Support Services:

  • Assist in managing students education 

  • Goal Setting support and monitoring

  • Collaborate with teachers / parents

  • Improve organization 

  • Support advocating needs

  • Monitor and report students academic progress 

  • Foster student accountability

  • Parent support

Academics / After School: Services


Our after school program is designed to meet the specific needs of each of our students, as well as provide a place of safety, focus, and growth. We provide a safe place for students and create a sense of community to inspire positive growth and reduce risky behaviors. We also provide diverse instruction methods to meet the needs of all students and focus on what motivates the student to succeed and help boost academic performance. 

After School Program Services

  • From 3:30 - 9:30 M thru F

  • Students Receive:

    • Study resources and practice

    • General studies support / homework assistance  

    • A supportive and positive learning environment 

    • Foster student accountability

    • P.E.P.: Personalized education plan tailored to students needs / strengths / goals (additional cost)
    • Differentiated instruction to meet learner's needs and create deeper learning

    • Improved executive functioning skills.

    • Youth and character development

    • Growth mindset

Academics / After School: Services
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