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Our services are customized to provide personalized solutions that optimize the student’s academic and personal potential. We work to provide answers to educational and related requests, as well as develop resources and supports that are tailored to the needs, and strengths of the client.

Description of Services:

With our experience and knowledge in Special Education procedures and policies, career and college development, and academic assessments and reports, we work collaboratively with families one on one throughout the entire process to design solutions for success and achievement. 

Services Include:

Special Education Services:

  • Special Education Consulting

  • IEP or 504 Advising 

  • Academic Assessment Review

  • Provide Testing (KTEA-3): In-Depth Assessment and Evaluation of Key Academic Skills 

  • Learning Disabled/ADD Support Plans 

Career and College Services: 

  • Administer ‘Career Path’ Exams

  • Financial Aid Advising 

  • Help students and their parents navigate college planning and applications.

  • Develop a strategic plan to help your child achieve his or her college goals

  • Career Development / Exploration 

  • Résumé Building

  • Essay writing


  • Develop an Appropriate Education Support Plan (P.E.P.) That Analyzes the Individual Learning Needs and Strengths of the Student

  • Contact School Teachers 

  • Parent Guidance and Support

  • Social/Emotional Learning Resources / Plans    

  • Credit Recovery

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