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One of the biggest challenges in education is keeping student's internal drive for learning alive and engaged. As children get older, school engagement can drop off. Parent & Athlete works to find what motivates each student and harness that motivation to enhance sustained success and future growth

We focus on four main areas of development; Academics, Sports, Motivation, and Mindset. All four areas work in partnership and are crucial to the whole development process. Parent & Athlete is not just about short term results, but building a strong foundation to accomplish your goals now and have the tools to tackle life's challenges.

P & A will work with your student-athlete to manage the academic process and create a tailored plan that is personalized and meets the needs of NCAA and college requirements. 

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"Thank you so much! I appreciate all the guidance and support you showed me through my high school experience. From the NCAA  eligibility process, SAT/ACT, and getting my school life right, I couldn't have been more prepared for whats next."

LeShuan B.
UNLV Rebels Commit 2020


Sports. Academics. College.

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P & A's services are tailored to fit the needs and strengths of every client we help. We believe that the focus should be identifying our client's strengths, and applying them to improve the ways in which they learn, grow, and adapt. Our mission is to provide expert advice, educational supports, and appropriate resources that fit the needs of the student, instead of the student fitting in.

Expert Guidance and Support

As the challenging world of high school and college athletics evolves, P & A helps families, coaches, and schools explore and triumph over the recruiting, academic, and college process which best suits the student-athlete

Motivation for the Process

Our services are customized to provide personalized solutions that optimize a student’s or program's academic and personal potential. We work effectively to provide solutions for educational and related requests. With expert help and resources, we can guide and support our clients in the areas of, but not limited to, community involvement, Special Education, career and college process,  and academic assessments and reports.

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Las Vegas, Nevada

Phone: (702) 746-4757

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